Things to Know Before Going to Golf Courses

Golf courses around the world differ drastically in terms of size, elevation, design, and style. The few fundamentals are easily learned by even a novice golfer. If you’re interested in learning this centuries old sport, the following list is full of valuable information. Heed this advice before you take to the putting green.

Tee Time
When first visiting golf courses, remember to always book a tee time, or a time to start playing. This ensures every golfer the opportunity to get through each hole on the course in a reasonable amount of time, without feeling crowded or rushed by another group of golfers. Lots of golf courses let you book your tee time online now, but calling the course is always an option.

Be aware, however, tee time does not mean you have to show up at the course at that time, it means you should be hitting the ball at that moment. Being late to your tee time is not only disrespectful to the course, but to the other golfers waiting to play as well.

While golf isn’t the most physically demanding sport, players do want to be comfortable and dress appropriately. Determining your outfit for the golf course depends on not only the weather, but on the dress code of the course you’re visiting. Not all golf courses have dress codes, but if they do it is best to be mindful of them. A collared or polo shirt and khaki pants are always acceptable for both men and women, while jeans and athletic pants are typically not acceptable. Another thing to remember is golf shoes, which will either have soft spikes or non-metal cleats. The easiest way to select an appropriate outfit will always be to call the course.

While novice golfers may not be aware, there is a limit to the number of clubs a person can carry in their bag. Golfers can have fewer than 14, but can never exceed that number. A set of clubs can be expensive, however, so new golfers can start simple with just a putter, a driver, and a sand wedge. Once players feel more comfortable they can add a 6-iron, 8-iron, and more.

Driving Range
If you’re nervous about playing golf with no experience, a great way to ease into it is by visiting the driving range. This open area allows you the space to practice your swing, determine your form, and start feeling comfortable while holding a club. Many golf courses will let you rent clubs and balls for the driving range, making this a perfect option for hesitant golfers.

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